Semi-trailers train from Baltic states to Western Union. Threat or chance for road transport?

I find out about new interesting solution for transports from the Baltic States and some regions of Russia to western Europe. More info:


Is it threat or chance for road transport?

There is no possibility to give full answer, because in above article we don’t have information about cost. Nevertheless, we can try to check this solution in transit time case.


Train transit time: 2 days (according to some sources 35 hours, I could not find confirmation).

We also have to add to this time loading and unloading operations


Let’s calculate the transit time for road transport:

Route: Sestokai (LT) – Kaldenkirchen (DE)

Distance: 1485km

Average speed: 75km / h

Number of driving hours: 20 hours


Then let’s count the driver’s working time:

Important information: 45 minutes Resting after 4.5 hours of driving , for ease of counting we count as 1 hour.


First day: 4.5h ride + 1h rest + 4.5h ride + 9 / 11h daily rest = 19h – 21h

Second day: 4.5h ride + 1h rest + 4.5h ride + 9 / 11h daily rest = 19h – 21h

Third day: 2 hours drive

Total transit time: 40h – 44h


And now We can wonder if this solution is actually better.

But, you have to take into account that in above situation driver started with empty working time. In fact, driving to the terminal in Sestokai will take many hours from the place of loading. Thats means that you need to add one more daily rest of 9-11 hours to the above calculation.

With this assumption, the transit time can even reach: from 49h to 55h.


I believe that these types of solutions, are not a threat but an chance for road transport. Transit time, cost optimizing, are not all of chance. Taking all advantages of these opportunities requires the introduction to the transport company of sophisticated planning solutions, e.g. trailers movements. Trailers movements give flexibility, cost and operations optimizing ex. We can use 2 trucks and 6-8 trailers that’s means one driver can delivery 3-4 full road transports in one day.

Feel free to contact with me If You need support in this area.

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